The Law of Exchange

It seems there is some confusion between the Law of Exchange and Karma or Karmic / Cosmic Debt. People tend to believe that if someone does something either for or against us in this lifetime, they must somehow settle the score to avoid some form of debt that must be repaid down the line.

What we fail to realize is that there is no way of knowing who is indebted to whom and we could potentially be compounding the problem by always attempting to repay like with like. This traps us in a vicious cycle of spiritual debt and repayment living our lives playing a futile game of quid pro quo. This is a terribly flawed premise that defies logic and is in direct opposition to the sacred Law of Exchange.

We can learn everything we need to know about the Law of Exchange from nature. Consider the water cycle where water flows effortlessly to revitalize Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. In a closed system as Karma implies, the water would evaporate from the ocean and return immediately to the ocean without first traveling great distances to replenish the mountains, forests and meadows.

As with water, when energy does not ebb and flow, it will stagnate becoming putrid and harmful. We need to apply the Law of Exchange in our lives to make room for fresh new energies which stimulate growth and forward momentum. We should be less concerned with debts and more concerned with spreading love, generosity, kindness and gratitude to others expecting nothing in return. This exchange of energy allows us to give and receive freely to whomever, when ever we choose without fear of negative consequences.

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