Native American Ceremonies & Celebrations

Native American spirituality is a rich heritage full of ceremony & celebration of life. We honor Sun Bear’s vision to share this culture freely with all people.

Spring Equinox is a time for celebration of newness and rebirth. It is a time of returning to and celebrating our connection with the Earth Mother. As The days grow longer and warmer, signs of earth’s renewal spring forth from the long winter cycle.

This ceremony is a connection to continuance, of birth, of coming again to our truth hard won. The rejuvenation of our Spirit echoing Mother Nature and all who reside upon her.

It is a time for planting gardens of the soil and of the heart. Rejoice and embrace survival and continuance as well as new beginnings. The thoughts and visions began in the dream time, took hold during the cold time, and are now ready to flourish in our hearts and in our lives.

We are here, make it miraculous.

Summer Solstice is a time to remember the fullness of life and give thanks for the abundance we share with all beings. We recognize Grandfather Sun in his nurturing journey through our sky demonstrating the progress in the seasons, cycles and patterns of life.

We honor this notable time with Sacred Ceremony and personal connection as it marks the longest day and shortest night cycle of the entire year. We gather in the beauty way to embrace community in the traditional ways reminding every one of the connection with all, respect for all, and to walk in the sacred way of life.

Just as Spring causes seeds to flourish, Summer is the time for rapid growth. It is the most abundant point of GF Sun’s creative forces gifted to all throughout the year.

Dance, laugh, BE.

Fall Equinox is the time of harvest, reminiscing and contemplating the dark time we now welcome to us. It is the time to reflect on and celebrate our efforts, decisions and our visions for the life we are creating.

The Harvest will keep us nourished both physically and spiritually through the upcoming seasons. Will the harvest of our journey filled with lessons, decisions, and inspirations sustain us for another year?

On many levels, this is the time of year we all reap our harvest and plan for our next crop. Some of which will nourish us, while others will become burdensome and need to be discarded. By recognizing our connection with all creatures (all our relations) we walk closer to Spirit, our community, and our selves.

We have all come this far.

The Winter Solstice is a time for rest, inner reflection and quiet preparation. The wheel of the year has arrived at a time of stillness full of promise, calm and quiet. This season marks the culmination of all our efforts throughout the year.

All our relations quietly prepare for the coming season and the unknowable variety of new beginnings Earth Mother will share with us. This is the cold inner dream time, a time to celebrate our accomplishments as we look forward to the start of a new cycle of possibilities.

We will all go on as a community, not just the people, but all our relations, the living energies, the visiting Spirits, ancients and newborn alike. It is a time of endings and of new beginnings. Celebrate life, community and yourself.

The Great White Buffalo’s lesson: “Keep Going.


The Native American Pipe Ceremony is a sacred ritual for connecting physical and spiritual worlds harmoniously within us. The pipe is our prayers in physical form where the smoke becomes our words.

It goes out and touches everything becoming part of all that is. This is where Great Spirit lives. We participate in sacred ceremony regularly for healing self and others, and to reconnect Earth Mother and Spirit within ourselves. We welcome everyone’s dreams and prayers, needs and longings leaving ego, chaos and drama outside the ceremony circle.

This powerful tool was gifted to us by an ancient and sacred messenger for healing and living a better way.

The sweat lodge is a place of Spiritual refuge, mental and physical healing, and a place to get answers and guidance. We are enlightened and refreshed by asking Spirit, totems, guides, wisdom keepers and Earth Mother for much needed wisdom and vitality.

With focused intent and commitment, the Sacred Sweat Lodge can be a journey into the darkness of our ignorance, and need to find light, guidance and wholeness in our very Soul.

The Lodge Leader is the facilitator and takes sensible precautions to ensure a safe and meaningful experience for all who participate.

Though the journey is physically challenging, we all reap the many benefits of this edifying ancient ceremony.

The Vision Quest is a quiet time alone with the Creator that enables the spirit to walk in beauty, for beauty is everything and everywhere. I wish to share this beauty as I walk in truth with the Great Mystery with a pure heart.

To walk far and alone with one’s spirit and leave this world behind turning to the face of Great Spirit, the Greatest of our Grandfathers; to loose the bonds of reality and live in dreams summoned by prayer. This is Vision, and the journey to this is the Quest.

Elders and seers support, interpret and sponsor Warriors on the journey away from doing, to being, to self. The intimate and consuming connection to Spirit and inner truth has been found in this manner since the beginning.

We support and facilitate the ancient ways of deeper awareness and greater self for those who are called and prepared for the knowing. Life changes here, and goes on.

During the Moon Celebration ceremony we honor the seasons of Earth Mother, our community, and reconnect with the love from Grandmother Moon pouring out on us and all our relations.

We respect, recognize, and celebrate Grandmother Moon who marks our life’s journey and drives the seasonal cycles. By reconnecting with the ebb and flow of these cycles we step away from that which hinders us and embrace that which propels us on our journey as our ancestors have since the beginning.

In this ceremonial moment our mindful consideration of the specific aspects, lessons, and potential of each lunar cycle connect us to our deeper selves, all creation and all our ancestors.

“I believe that the ocean was once part of the moon, and that it fell to earth, separating. That is why the moon constantly pulls at it, trying to touch it again.” – B. Villanoor

buffalo calf maiden

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