Native American inspired Earth based Spiritual Topics

Native American spirituality and Earth based philosophy topics to free the mind and inspire you on your individual journey to self discovery and peace of mind.

What if it was all up to me, just have to embrace and allow? An example of using all the
The holidays have really made me think about the importance of grace in our lives. Not the prayer that we
What if I could see more clearly, and live more effectively? Gaining and committing to new directions in ourselves requires
What if everything I need to know is already there for me to see? We begin with the cycle and
It seems that lately there is a lot of buzz about raising our vibrations. The internet is all a flutter
Shielding is about creating space to enjoy your own thoughts and feelings and restrict unwanted intrusions. As you go about
It seems there is some confusion between the Law of Exchange and Karma or Karmic / Cosmic Debt. People tend

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