Be Your Authentic Self

It seems that lately there is a lot of buzz about raising our vibrations. The internet is all a flutter with discussions about why it is so important to achieve this seemingly immeasurable task. The claim is that will somehow make you more enlightened allowing easier access to spiritual gifts or connection with your guides, angels or other high vibrational beings.

The problem with this thinking is it programs us to believe we must attain some abstract goal to make spiritual progress. It is a limiting belief that will hold us in a perpetual state of fruitless striving towards obtaining our desired goals much like the proverbial carrot on a stick.

I am here to challenge the main stream spiritual media spreading this absolute nonsense. Yes, I said it, NONSENSE. All the claims that you must meditate, eat vegan, practice yoga, drink alkaline water etc. are great, however these practices don’t guarantee results and they certainly are not necessary to live a spirit based life. They are more like the icing on the cake. It is way more important to bake the cake before you worry about how you are going to decorate it. Right?

So, what DO we DO you ask? First and foremost, there is no specific recipe as each of us are completely different and are baking our own unique spiritual “cake”. I know this is not what you wanted to hear so I will share a few things that will hopefully help you on your journey.

boy eating cupcake
  • Be authentic. Share who you truly are with the world not some version that you feel you must portray in order to fit in. Spirit loves truth! Are you the same in a crowd as you are with your closest loved ones? Do you wear different masks depending on who you’re with? Stop that. Stop that now!
  • Follow your gut. Using our intuition and letting it be our guide is a great way to achieve alignment. If you are letting ego be your guide and turning a deaf ear on the subtle language of spirit you are missing the mark. Logic can only take you so far! Spirit is infinitely more intelligent and tuned in to what you truly need in life.
  • Love and accept your body. This is your vehicle you have been given to interact in this world. It is perfect in every way for YOU! We have been programmed from an early age that there are acceptable norms and anything outside of that is considered subpar or ugly. Until you learn to love and accept every part of yourself, you will sadly remain disjointed.
  • Love and accept your “shadow”. Yin and Yang are in perfect alignment. We can never be whole trying to suppress our feminine or masculine aspects, likewise we can never be whole if we reject our shadow qualities. Learn to observe and understand the characteristics you would identify as shadow rather than foolishly attempting to eradicate them.
  • Put yourself first. This may seem selfish but we must learn to exercise personal boundaries with our time and energies. Take some time for self-care, nurture and honor yourself daily. How can you share unconditional love with the world if you are unable to fully express it to yourself?
  • Serve others out of joy. Doing things for others out of obligation or duty can ultimately lead to resentment, frustration or burn out. Obviously there are things in life we MUST do, but don’t add service activities thinking it will “score you some extra points” or because you think you must serve others to be spiritual. Do things that give you joy and ditch the rest.
  • Live in the now. You can’t drive a vehicle effectively looking in the rear-view mirror. Energy flows where attention goes. Sending energy to our past regrets, wishes etc. limits the energy available for our today and certainly effects how much we have available to manifest the futures we want. Let it go and move forward!
  • This is a very simple yet profound list that most of us fall short of on a daily basis. The focus is upon being congruent and honoring who we truly are. Working towards these foundational goals will inevitably bring you into alignment which naturally raises our vibration.
Please comment below if you have any additional tips for alignment, if you have any questions or just simply plan to go get a piece of cake. Mmmm Devil’s food cake sounds amazing doesn’t it?

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