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From the wisdom of Grandmother Evelyn Eaton and Grandfather Black Elk through the teachings of Grandfather Sun Bear we have learned and honor the old ways. These eternal truths and tools are as valuable now as ever. We carry on the legacy of holding the space and honoring the Medicine for ourselves and everyone who seeks to grow in wisdom and healing. We honor our elders and teachers by following their path for those in need and all the people. Aho


Grandmother Pathweaver

Founder of Buffalo Trace Society
Pathweaver dedicated her life to Spiritual Studies and has taught extensively over the East and West Coast focusing on healing aspects and creating and using positive personal power.
Pathweaver studied with Michael Harner, Twyla Nitch head of the Seneca Wolf Clan, and was apprentice to Sun Bear of the Bear Tribe.


Grandmother Fireheart

Chief of Buffalo Trace Society
Fireheart has carried on the spiritual traditions established by Grandmother Pathweaver and continues to lead the Buffalo Trace Society from her home on the East Coast.
She travels between the East and West coasts leading Vision Quests, providing intensive workshops and conducts special ceremonies.

Meet the dedicated Sub-Chiefs of Buffalo Trace Society

Our leadership team is dedicated to teaching and providing opportunities to deeply associate with the Native American traditions and energies (medicine) through a three year apprenticeship program, public ceremonies and individual empowerment activities and workshops.

Rainbow Weaver

Grandmother Rainbow Weaver

Sub-Chief of BTS - East Coast
"Rain" honors Earth Mother in the old ways. She is a lover of Earth medicine, a healer, lover of growing things and sharing knowledge. She spreads seeds of knowledge using what Mother Earth gives/grows.

Talking Buffalo

Grandmother Talking Buffalo

Sub-Chief of BTS - East Coast
Talking Buffalo is very dedicated to Mother Earth and has a deep connection and knowledge of crystals. She is very generous in sharing her time and talents as well as a great diversity of subjects that she shares freely.

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It is time to discover your bliss, reconnect with nature, and share your gifts with a like minded community.