Native American Traditions & Earth Based Spirituality

Buffalo Trace Society (BTS) is an eclectic group dedicated to sharing Native American traditions and Earth based philosophies through apprenticeship, public ceremonies & workshops.

Courses & Workshops

We are an eclectic group that is heavily influenced by an Earth based philosophy and spirituality.

We offer learning and growth opportunities for those seeking to study the “Old ways” through workshops, our official apprenticeship program and ceremony.

Events Calendar

Monthly opportunities for like minded groups and individuals to gather and share our passion for learning.

We strive to include workshops, events and meetup opportunities in our community that promote well-being, self empowerment and spiritual growth.

Informative Blog

Useful posts for those seeking a greater understanding spiritual principals and energy awareness.

We offer hands on tools and techniques to enhance everyday life, thought provoking or inspiring topics, and helpful suggestions for reconnecting with the natural world.

Building a spiritually minded community

Buffalo Trace Society (BTS) is dedicated to creating a healthy harmonious community which holds the foundational spiritual truths we deem as both essential and beneficial to all people.

It is our privilege and sacred duty to build lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect to support as well as nurture one another on our unique spiritual journeys.

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